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Auto Air Conditioning Repair: Diagnosis and Tips

Having a working auto air conditioning system makes your daily drive (especially in the summer) comfortable and enjoyable. The main purpose of the auto AC is to keep the interior of the car cool, making it a pleasant place to enjoy long trips without any inconvenience. However, if the air cooling system is not performing well, then you’ll quickly discover how uncomfortable a quick drive can be . So, here is a list of few smart maintenance tips that you need to follow regularly in order to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning in working order and to avoid costly auto AC repair or replacement.

AC units work in a lot of parts and if one of those parts go out it can cause the entire system to go down.

There’s a number of reasons your vehicle’s AC system may go down and some quick ways to identify the potential problem:

Loud AC Compressor

Bad air conditioning units will typically start with a loud compressor that may be failing. To find out if your compressor is going out, start the vehicle and turn the air conditioning system on. If you hear a loud, whining noise there could be a high probability that your compressor is going out. Also, listen for any other sounds that don’t sound normal from within the cabin of the vehicle.

Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant levels could also play a part in a faulty AC system. If there is a leak causing the refrigerant to escape this can cause the unit to stop working properly as the system needs to have proper levels of refrigerant which provides lubrication.

Always test to see whether there is an issue with the lubricant levels. If there is not enough refrigerant in the system, it simply won’t turn on. Be aware that running an auto AC system with no refrigerant can cause a lot of damage to the component, so some cars have a safeguard just in case of leaks.

Hot To Cold Temperatures

If your system has an issue with going from hot to cold temperatures, there could be an issue with too much moisture or air in the system. This can cause tubes to freeze over, which then blocks air circulation. In order to fix this, your auto repair service company is going to have to pump that extra moisture and air out of the system to prevent this from happening in the future.

Bad Sensors

If the temperature sensor goes bad it willcause erratic temperature levels. Bad sensors can also cause other major malfunctions, so if you experience these problems, get them fixed as soon as possible.

System Wiring Issues

Sometimes there could be an issue with the system’s wiring: if there is a blown fuse or faulty wiring this can also cause issues with the AC unit and cause fluctuations in temperature.

Maintenance Tips to Avoid Costly Auto AC Repair and Replacement

1. Try to keep the inside of your vehicle clean and prevent dirt and dust from coming in. One way to ensure this (that most people don’t think about) is making sure you keep your vehicle’s carpets clean. This is not only essential for the betterment of the air conditioning system, but it also helps to keep the car free from odors, which may come back to haunt you in the case your air conditioning system does go out!

2. When you send your car for full maintenance services, ensure they open the hood and spray water onto the condensing panel of your air conditioning system. This process will loosen the dirt and dust and even help to prevent future corrosion which can cause leakage in the condenser.

3. During the maintenance process, you also need to check the additional fan installed in front of the auto AC condenser. Make sure that the fan is working when the air conditioner is on and if it is not working then get it repaired immediately! Failure to do so can cause damage to the compressor hose.

4. If you experience an unusual symptoms such as warmer temperatures and less cooling inside the car, then immediately seek the assistance of a professional auto repair shop such as My Garage Auto. These symptoms can be detrimental to your car’s air conditiong system and if ignored are going to leave you with a high air conditioning repair bill!

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