All of us at My Garage Auto understand that having to bring your car in for any type of engine repair is never a pleasant experience. Not only can it be costly, but being without your vehicle is a set-back that nobody wants to have to deal with.

The team here is ready to tackle your job and do it with the highest quality service! We are the engine repair experts in Modesto, California and can take your vehicle’s engine from slow and clunky to running like a champ, in no-time flat. We’ll also keep you updated every step of the way, that way there are no surprises!

If you’re ready to get started and want us at My Garage Auto to get our hands dirty repairing your vehicle’s engine, then simply call us today, book an auto service appointment or stop by our shop!

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Preventing Major Engine Repairs

When you are in need of engine repair work it can be extremely frustrating, especially if you do not know much about engines! No one likes to be in a situation where they are completely at the mercy of an auto repair shop and have no clue whati s wrong with their vehicle. There are plenty of good mechanics out there, but we have all heard horror stories about dishonest auto shops doing shoddy repair jobs to cut down on their costs.

If you are in a situation where you need to find a good engine auto repair service, here are some tips for you to keep in mind:

Take the time to learn a little bit about your engine

You should know if it is a four cylinder or a six cylinder and at least know where each component of the engine is. I am not saying become an expert on repairing your own engine, but arming yourself with some general knowledge about the car you drive is never a bad thing. Doing so will help you gauge whether the problem is a serious one that will need repairs now or a minor one that can be put off until a later date.

Learn the lingo

The more you know about engine repair, the better, but even if you know next to nothing, learn to talk like you do. When you walk into an automotive repair shop, and it’s obvious that you don’t know anything, you are making yourself very vulnerable. The more you sound like you know what is going on, the less likely dishonest shops will take advantage of you. Obviously, if you know exactly what is wrong with your vehicle, you can narrow it down to a specific part which means that the mechanic is less likely to find “other” problems.

If you need engine repair work, try to get your car in the shop as early as possible

Many people do not realize this, but lots of repair shops run on a quota system where the company needs to get so many jobs done per day. As the day wears on, those repair mechanics start to get tired (they’re human, after all). If the mechanic  has one last car to get done and he has already put in a 9 hour day, he will want to get your car done as fast as possible. This can lead to two major issues: The repair person takes shortcuts which can get the job done fast, but not necessarily right. This means you could be back in the shop with the same problem sooner rather than later. The other thing that can occur is that the repair person could make mistakes on your car simply because they are tired.

Keep up on routine services to avoid major engine repairs

We all know everyone’s vehicle is one of their most important assets, which makes repairing it a critical and important task when something goes wrong. Among all different kinds of repairs done on vehicles, engine repair is the most expensive one. Your engine is the most important component of the vehicle and without it goes without saying that without it, nothing else will work. Because of this, it becomes immensely important for vehicle owners to be regular with the servicing of their vehicle. Yes, it’s true that repairing a car engine is a costly service, but if you maintain your vehicle well and routinely take care of it, you can limit your chances of having to need major repair services for your vehicle later down the road.

Quick tips to keep your car engine running well:

1. Keep checking the level of fluids in your vehicle weekly: fluids like motor oil, windshield washer fluid, coolant, brake oil, etc. are all important components to keep topped off.

2. It is important that you  replace the air and fuel filter, the transmission gear oil and the hinges every six months or so.

3. Thermostat, water pump, timing belt and its tensioner, O2 sensors, crankshaft and camshaft seals are some parts that can be severely affected due to casual wear and tear. Check them after three to four years, and  it will help you give your vehicle a longer life.

The regular maintenance tips above will help to prevent your vehicle from having any major engine issues, but if you do notice any problems, do not delay visiting an auto repair shop like My Garage Auto. We are experts in auto repair services and can fix anything from minor to major repairs in the least possible time.

Warning signs that your engine needs immediate repair

1. If your engine sputters while driving or you notice your vehicle is driving very rough, it is an indication to get it checked by a mechanic.

2. Do not ignore the blinking dash warning lights! They’re there for a reason and indicate a problem that needs to be checked out.

3. Odd smells in the vehicle point at the possibility of a problem, as it could be emitting higher levels of carbon monoxide. Get it checked immediately.

4. Irregular noises are also linked to an engine fault. If you hear any popping or rattling noise, get the engine of your car looked at.

5. Any smoke coming out from a vehicle is an indication that your vehicle is leaking oil.

The more you educate yourself, are aware and learn to spot when things with your engine are not working properly, the quicker you can get it into us at My Garage Auto and prevent any major engine repairs!

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