While having to do a transmission repair or replacement can be a costly service, most transmissions last well over 100,000 miles, if not longer! Rest easy knowing that My Garage Auto has you covered when it comes to fixing your vehicle. We offer routine transmission maintenance services such as replacing the pan gasket, cleaning and removal of dirt and grime, replacing the transmission filter and adding transmission fluid when necessary.

In the instance you do need to have your transmission repaired, we will conduct a multi-point inspection on your vehicle which should find the issue right away. Once found, we’ll get busy making the transmission run good as new or replace it completely by installing a new one.

If you’re experiencing any signs or symptoms of a failing tranny and need to get it fixed, don’t hesitate to ring us, send us over an email, or fill out our online booking form!

photo of inside a car transmission


Choose A Professional Transmission Repair Shop

If you’re having issues with your transmission, the best spot to take it is a full-service transmission repair shop which has specialists who can find the problem and the repair requirements.

If your transmission ends up needing repair, our experienced techs have the knowledge and know-how to either rebuild (or replace) the transmission. Dealing with professionals like us provides you the assurance that any repair service required for your transmission will be completed with the highest integrity and quality of work.

Routine Transmission Maintenance

It’s important to have routine inspections done of your transmission if you want to keep a reliable car. Should you encounter transmission problems like noises, gear troubles, leaks or your car operates differently, you should bring it into our full-service auto repair shop to have it looked at and repaired, if necessary.

How To Find A Transmission Repair Service

When trying to find a company who can repair your transmission, it’s important to look at the overall cost you are going to be charged. On the average, transmissions aren’t cheap, so it’s necessary that you do your due diligence in finding an auto repair company in Modesto (like My Garage Auto) that are honest and will explain exactly what you need.

Experienced Transmission Experts

If your vehicle does require the tranny to be repaired, then you need to visit a shop like My Garage Auto who specializes in figuring out transmission problems. There’s a certain amount of experience is needed to correctly repair this particular component of one’s vehicle, and only a shop that has a lot of knowledge about transmissions can provide you with this

Diagnosing Tranny Problems

If your vehicle is an automatic, you’ll discover that it experiences trouble when shifting gears and you may have to decelerate just for the car to shift into the next gear. Another frequent symptom of a failing transmission is the vehicle will act like it has been placed into a neutral gear position: you’ll press the gas, the RPM’s will rev up, but the car will do absolutely nothing. If this happens, your car is likely to stall and die completely when trying to drive from a complete stop.

Tip: Sometimes adding transmission fluid can solve a lot of simple problems.

If it does not solve the problem inside your transmission, it is best to make an appoint with us so we can take a look and decide if we need to repair or completely replace the unit.

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